How ready are you for tax season this year? It’s a very important time of year for seniors, caregivers and their loved ones. However, tax season can be a stressful time for many Americans, including seniors. Unexpected financial troubles might pop up. You might end up owing the government money. And for many seniors, there is also the lingering fear of fraud or identity theft.

How can you protect yourself? If you are a caregiver, how can you protect your loved one(s)?

Being prepared for tax season is key to reducing hassles and worries. Here are some tips for managing the tax filing process and any stressful money moments as they pop up:

Know when to file (or not file)
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A senior trying to improve their health may consider a membership to the YMCA, a visit to a dietician, or weekly trips to the local senior center. But what if seniors could access health programming at a place they already frequent? Churches are increasingly turning their attention to the physical health of their congregation members, with youth basketball leagues, walking groups, and health screenings appearing at houses of worship around the country. Seniors in particular are poised to benefit from church-based health initiatives, as many older adults must cope with shrinking social networks and access to community resources as they age. Here are three church-based programs that seniors can get involved in to improve their wellness.

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